How to Start a Husquvarna Chainsaw – The Easy Way!

how to start a husqvarna chainsaw

In this post, we will discuss the steps for starting a Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw, one of the most popular Husqvarna chainsaws in the world. It’s important to know how to start your chainsaw properly to get to work easily and avoid frustration.

Although the process may vary slightly for other Husqvarna models, the steps for starting the 455 Rancher are generally applicable to other models as well. With a bit of practice, starting the Husqvarna 455 Rancher and other Husqvarna saws, by extension, will become second nature.

To start a Husqvarna chainsaw, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the chainsaw is properly fueled, and the chain is lubricated.
  2. Place the chainsaw on the ground with the chain brake engaged.
  3. Press the primer bulb 4 to 7 times until it’s full of fuel.
  4. Pull choke control to full choke position
  5. Hold the chainsaw firmly with your left hand on the front handle.
  6. Locate the starter cord and give it a sharp tug to engage the starter.
  7. Once the engine starts, move the choke to the off position and release the chain brake.
  8. Begin cutting as desired.

It’s important to follow proper safety procedures when using a chainsaw, such as wearing protective gear and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Start a Husquvarna Chain Saw – A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Lock the Chain Brake

engaging chainbrake on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

The first step is to lock the chain brake. This ensures that the saw remains safe while starting and prevents any accidental cutting or injury.

Place the Saw on The Ground

pulling choke on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

Place the chainsaw on the ground with the chain brake engaged. This will provide stability and prevent injury when starting the chainsaw.

Push in The Compression Release on Top of The Saw.

pressing decompression valve on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

The compression release, also known as decompression control or decompression valve, is located on the top of the saw. Push this in to make starting easier the saws cold engine.

Pull the Choke Control Lever to The Full Choke Position.

pulling choke on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

The choke lever is located next to the handle of the saw. Pull this out to the full choke position. This ensures that there is enough fuel being pulled into the carburetor to start the chainsaw’s cold engine.

Press the Fuel Primer Bulb 4 to 7 Times to Pull Gas Into the Bulb.

pumping fuel primer on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

The fuel primer bulb can be found on the left side of the chainsaw near the carburetor. Press this in 4 to 7 times until it is full of fuel. This will ensure that the carburetor is full of fuel for easy starting.

Use Your Left Hand to Hold the Handlebar and Place Your Right Foot in The Saws Back Handle

holding handlebar and foot rest on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

This ensures that you have a good grip on the saw while starting and decreases the chances of injury.

Pull the Starter Rope Smoothly

pulling starter rope on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

Keep pulling the starter handle rope until the engine fires and burps.

Turn Off the Choke by Pushing in The Choke Control.

turning off choke on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

After the engine burps, push in the choke lever. This will turn off the choke and reduce fuel intake.

Press in The Decompression Valve Again.

pressing decompression valve on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

Pushing in the decompression valve again ensures that the engine is not under too much pressure and can start easily.

Repeat Pulling the Starter Handle until The Engine Starts

pulling recoil starter on husqvarna chainsaw

The engine will start in approximately 2 to 5 more pulls of the starter handle.

Disengage the Chain Brake

disengaging chainbrake on husqvarna 455 chainsaw

Once the engine starts, disengage the chain brake to begin cutting.

Following these steps will ensure that your Husqvarna chainsaw is started quickly and safely. With practice, you can start your chainsaw in no time!

Please note that the above starting process is for starting from a cold engine. Starting from a previously run engine, also known as a hot engine, will be a slightly different process.

Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Hard to Start?

It is not uncommon for chainsaws, including those made by Husqvarna, to be somewhat difficult to start. This can be due to a variety of factors, including the age and condition of the chainsaw, the quality of the fuel being used, and the environment in which the chainsaw is being used.

Proper maintenance and upkeep can help to ensure that a chainsaw engine fires and starts easily and runs smoothly. Some tips for starting a Husqvarna chainsaw include making sure the chainsaw is properly fueled and lubricated, using the correct starting procedure, and checking for any potential issues that may be preventing the chainsaw from starting.

How Do You Start and Stop a Husqvarna Chainsaw?

To start a Husqvarna chainsaw, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the chainsaw is on flat ground.
  2. Check that the fuel tank is filled with the appropriate fuel mixture and that the oil tank is filled with the recommended oil.
  3. Check that the chain brake is engaged and the start/stop switch is set to run.
  4. Hold the chainsaw with the left hand on the front handle and the right hand on the rear handle.
  5. Place your right foot on the rear handle to stabilize the chainsaw.
  6. Pull the starter handle with your right hand in a smooth and steady motion until the engine fires and starts.

To stop a Husqvarna chainsaw, follow these steps:

  1. Release the throttle trigger to stop the chain from moving.
  2. Engage the chain brake by pushing the hand guard forward.
  3. Allow the chainsaw to idle for a couple of seconds before turning it off.
  4. To turn off the engine, push the stop switch to the “off” position. Be sure not to burn yourself on the saws hot engine or muffler.

Why Will My Husqvarna Chainsaw Not Start?

There could be a number of reasons why your Husqvarna chainsaw is not starting. Some possible causes include the following:

  1. The chainsaw is out of fuel, or the fuel is stale.
  2. The spark plug is dirty or damaged, or the spark plug gap is incorrect.
  3. The air filter is dirty or clogged.
  4. The carburetor is dirty or clogged, or the carburetor is not adjusted properly.
  5. The ignition switch is faulty or not in the “on” position.
  6. The starter handle cord is damaged or has become tangled.

To troubleshoot the issue, you may need to check and possibly replace or repair these components. It may also be helpful to consult the owner’s manual for your specific chainsaw model, as it may contain additional troubleshooting tips and instructions.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, starting a Husqvarna saw can be a straightforward process if done correctly. To get the most out of your chainsaw, it is important to ensure it is properly fueled, lubricated, and serviced.

Additionally, knowing the correct starting procedure can help ensure a successful start. If for any reason, the chainsaw does not start, troubleshooting the possible causes can help identify and fix the issue.

With the right preparation and maintenance, you can start your Husqvarna chainsaw easily and safely.

Have a great day and be safe out there! Happy Cutting!

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