How to Replace Pull Cord on Lawn Mower – Easy Guide

Do you have a lawn mower that won’t start because the pull cord is broken or missing? Don’t worry; it’s a common problem, and we can show you how to fix it! In this easy guide, we will walk you through the steps of how to replace the pull cord on your lawn mower’s small engine. It’s a job that can be done in just a few minutes and doesn’t require special tools or skills. Let’s get started!

How to Replace Pull Cord on Lawn Mower?

So your lawn mower’s small engine rope broke or is about to break, and you need to replace it. Have no fear. Replacing the cord in a recoil starter assembly is an easy process that can be done in just 10 STEPS and can be done in as little as 20 minutes.

The steps to this repair process will not require special tools or skills and will be detailed below. You can do it. For safety reasons, please disconnect your spark plug before the replacement process of the pull cord.

Step 1: Remove Starter from Mower

Before you can repair the pull cord, you’ll need to remove the starter from the lawn mower. Begin by locating the mounting bolts that hold the starter in place. Then remove the mounting bolts and carefully lift the recoil assembly up and away from the lawn mower.

Step 2: Remove Broken Pull Cord from Starter

Once you have the starter removed, locate the broken pull cord. Carefully remove it from the starter housing.

Step 3: Measure Broken Cord (both Pieces) – Cut New Rope and Burn Ends

Measure the length of both pieces of the broken cord. Cut a new piece of rope the same length as both pieces combined to ensure you get the correct length, and burn the ends of the rope.

Burning the rope ends will prevent fraying and ensure your new pull cord is secure when you replace it.

Step 4: Wind Spring Counter Clockwise to Put Load on Spring. Hold in Place

When rewinding the starter, it’s important to wind the coil spring counterclockwise. This will load the spring and help keep the pull cord tight once you change it. Hold the spring in place with one hand while winding with the other.

Step 5: Line up Hole on Starter Housing and Rope Rotor

Line up the hole in the starter cord housing with the rope rotor hole. This is where you will insert the rope.

Step 6: Insert New Cord Into Hole on Starter Housing and Rope Rotor. Tie Knot

Once the holes are aligned, insert the new cord into the starter housing and rope rotor, also called the starter pulley. Tie a knot at the rope’s end to secure it in place. Keep a tight hold on the rope rotor to keep it from sucking the rope back in completely.

Step 7: Holding Rope – Release Spring to Pull Rope In

Once the rope has been inserted and secured, you can release the spring. This will pull the rope in and wrap it around the rotor. Keep a tight hold on the rope to prevent it from being sucked in completely.

Step 8: Insert Rope Into Starter Handle and Tie Knot

Once the rope has been rewound, insert the outside end into the pull handle. Tie a double knot at the end to secure it in place. The knotted end will keep the rope from pulling out of the handle.

Step 9: Pull Rope Handle to Check the For Proper Recoil

Pull on the rope handle to check for proper recoil. If it doesn’t recoil properly, try rewinding the spring and adjusting how much rope is pulled in.

Step 10: Reinstall Starter on Mower.

Once the pull cord works properly, you can re-install the starter onto the mower. Make sure all mounting bolts are tight and double-check how the pull cord works again for good measure.

And there you have it! Now you know how to fix a broken or missing pull cord on your lawn mower.

If you follow these steps correctly, you can get back to smooth-running and healthy lawn maintenance in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Is Mower Pull Rope?

When you need to replace lawn mower pull cord make sure you use the correct size. Most lawn mower pull cord ranges from #4.5 to #6.5 rope diameters.

Is It Hard to Replace Pull Cord on Lawn Mower?

Starter rope on a lawn mower is not difficult to do. Anyone can easily replace the starter rope of a pull cord assembly if they know how. Refer to the ten steps above to replace the pull cord on a lawn mower.

How Do You Fix a Limp Pull Cord?

A lawnmower pull cord can sometimes not recoil all the way back into a starter and appear limp. If this happens, it means that the recoil spring is not strong enough to pull the cord back into the starter. Try rewinding the recoil spring and adjusting how much rope is pulled in. Either that or cut off excessive rope if the lawnmower pull cord is too long.

What Kind of Rope Is Lawn Mower Pull Cord?

Most rope used in a lawn mower starter assembly is made of nylon. Nylon is a durable and flexible material that can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy loads without breaking or fraying. It’s also relatively easy to find and replace.

Are all lawn mower pull cords the same?

No, all pull cords are not the same. Depending on the size of the engine and the way the rope is mounted, the rope can be different. A larger engine like a Honda GX390 will require a larger diameter rope than a Honda GC160. Check your manual and replace the pull cord with the size specified.

How do you fix a pull cord that won’t retract?

If the pull cord does not retract and recoil properly, there are a few things that you can do. First, check if the rope is frayed and replace it if necessary.

Second, ensure the spring is wound properly to pull the rope back in and that the assembly does not have worn pawls. If the pawls are plastic and worn, they will need to be replaced with new pawls before the repair can be completed. Some engines use metal components for the pawls and are less likely to get damaged or worn.

Third, check how taut the rope is and adjust how much it recoils into the assembly. Finally, check how tight the starter housing screws are. If they are loose, re-tighten them for proper recoil repair.

How do I fix my lawn mower pull cord not retracting?

If your lawn mower pull cord does not retract properly, the first step is to check how tight the starter housing screws are. If they are loose, re-tighten them. Next, check how taut the rope is and how much it is drawn into the assembly.

Adjust as necessary if needed, and then rewind the spring. Finally, check for frayed rope or worn parts, and replace any damaged ones. Following these steps should help to get your pull cord retracting properly.

Wrapping Up

Replacing the pull cord in a lawn mower is an easy task that can make all the difference in keeping your lawn healthy and looking great. Just make sure to follow the steps and use the right size rope for your mower.

The proper diameter and length of the starter cord can be determined by measuring the old cord. The starter cord replacement process should take 20 minutes or less, and you are back to cutting your grass.

You can return to mowing with a working pull cord in no time.

As a shop owner, I can say this with 100% confidence. A new lawn mower can have a broken recoil rope, just like an old lawn mower. A new mower is no immune to a broken rope. It is important to know how to fix this issue to save you money by not having to take your mower to a repair shop.

Also, the same principles apply to repairing a recoil rope on all equipment, like a leaf blower or chainsaw.

Most homeowners never think about the starting rope until it breaks. Replacing the recoil cord on an engine can be pretty easy and should be done during your annual equipment tune-up to avoid any equipment downtime.

Good luck and happy mowing!

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