Is a Tsumura Chainsaw Bar Superior to A Stock Chainsaw Bar? – The Real Answer

Are you trying to decide if a Tsumura chainsaw bar is the right choice for you and your chainsaw? Are Tsumura guide bars superior to stock guide bars? Will a Tsumura chainsaw guide bar fit your chainsaw?

If these are the questions you need to be answered, you have come to the right place.

In this blog post, we delve into how Tsumura guide bars compare to stock brands so that you can make an informed decision about if they are the right choice for you and your chainsaw.

Tsumura chainsaw bars are made of 100% high-grade Japanese steel with a lightweight design, incorporating uniform groove gauge tolerances making for a more durable, better cutting, and less user-fatiguing wood cutting experience compared to stock.

Overview of Tsumura Chainsaw Bars

Tsumura Bar 20" Light Sprocket Tip Bar - 417FK4

Tsumura chainsaw bars are high-quality aftermarket chainsaw bars that are built to last. They are made from superior-grade Japanese steel that has been machined and assembled using advanced technology machines and salt heat treatments for enhanced durability, strength, finish, and accuracy over stock chainsaw bars.

Tsumura bars come in standard, lightweight, and with replaceable sprocket tips or hardnose options.

The lightweight variant bars are designed with dove-tailed notches cut into the bar surface and packed with hard resin, reducing weight by about 20% and making them some of the lightest bars on the market.

What Chainsaws Can Use Tsumura Chainsaw Bars?

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Tsumura chainsaw bars are designed to fit the most popular chainsaws on the market. Compatible chainsaw brands include Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Dolmar, Jonsered, Makita, Partner, Poulan, and Solo.

To ensure that a Tsumura bar is compatible with your particular model number saw, it’s essential to check the product description. Specific brand models may or may not match up with a Tsumura bar, so it’s important to read the product details carefully before purchasing.

Here are the most popular Tsumura bars on Amazon:

Are Tsumura Chainsaw Bars Better than Stock Bars?

According to our tests, the answer is yes, especially for the lightweight versions! The lightweight Tsumura guide bars have a unique design and are made from durable high-grade Japanese steel with dove-tailed notches cut out to reduce weight by as much as 20%.

Some Tsumura bars also incorporate a replaceable tip and uniform groove gauge tolerance for longer life and a more precise chain fit and stability over stock chainsaw bars.

Benefits of Tsumura Chainsaw Bars

Tsumura chainsaw bars are some of the most durable, stable cutting, and lightest guide bars on the market. Chainsaw users will experience reduced user fatigue, experience smoother cuts, and replace bars less often than stock guide bars.

Tsumura guide bars have been specifically designed to be lightweight, maintain strength and last longer than stock bars.

The high-grade Japanese steel means the guide bar is very long-lasting and durable compared to a stock guide bar. The light-weight bar spec reduces user fatigue during extended cutting sessions, while the bar groove gauge improves cutting efficiency.

Drawbacks of Tsumura Chainsaw Bars

The main and only drawback of Tsumura chainsaw bars is the cost. The price of a Tsumura bar is typically higher than an OEM stock guide bar from a chainsaw manufacturer.

However, it is not really fair to compare a Tsumura bar with the vanilla OEM bar that comes with a chainsaw. The real comparison needs to be against the optional lightweight OEM guide bars from chainsaw manufacturers.

If you compare the price of a Tsumura bar to that of a lightweight version of an OEM bar, you will see the prices are very comparable and by no means out of line.

Where Are Tsumura Bars Made?

Tsumura chainsaw bars are made in Japan. The steel used is high-grade Japanese steel that has been machined and assembled with precision machines and salt heat treatments for superior durability, strength, finish, and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Tsumura Chainsaw Bar Weigh?

The weight of a Tsumura bar depends on the length and variation of the bar. The lightweight versions of Tsumura bars are up to 20% lighter than comparable OEM or aftermarket guide bars.

Why Do Loggers Put Bar Upside Down?

Technically there is no way to install a chainsaw guide bar upside down. Guide bars are meant to be operated in either orientation. People think a guide bar is upside down due to the bar logo being upside down. However, the logo is simply a logo and does not determine if the bar is upside down or right side up.

The reason loggers put a chainsaw bar upside down or right side up is to spread the guide bar wear evenly on both sides of the bar.

Are All Chainsaw Bars Compatible?

No, all chainsaws are not compatible with all chainsaw guide bars. The model number of a chainsaw needs to be checked before purchasing a guide bar to ensure compatibility.

What Is the Most Popular Chainsaw Bar Length?

The most common guide bar lengths for a chainsaw are 16″, 18”, 20”, 28”, and 32″. Popularity-wise, it is believed that the most popular length for a chainsaw bar is around 16″ – 20″.

What Length Bar Is Best for Chainsaw?

This answer depends on the type of wood you are cutting, the size of your chainsaw, and the user’s skill level and preference. A 16″ bar is great for most general-purpose cutting, while a 20″ bar can handle larger logs with ease. For very large logs, 28″ or 32” bars are required.

Wrapping Up

Tsumura chainsaw bars are one of the most advanced and lightweight guide bars on the market today. They boast superior durability, strength, finish, and accuracy. And the lightweight design reduces fatigue during extended cutting sessions.

A Tsumura bar will generally cost more than a standard OEM stock guide bar, but the price is comparable when compared to a lightweight OEM bar.

We hope this article has provided you with enough information about Tsumura chainsaw bars to help you make the best decision for your needs. We recommend researching and comparing various bar models to determine which one is the right fit for your chainsaw.

Happy cutting!

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