Pocket Chainsaws for Backpacking – Should You Get One?

Pocket Chainsaws for Backpacking - Should You Get One?

In the world of backpacking, every piece of equipment counts. One such tool that has gained popularity among backpackers is the pocket chainsaw.

A compact and versatile tool, the pocket chainsaw has become an essential item for those who love to explore the great outdoors.

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What is a Pocket Chainsaw?

A pocket chainsaw is a small, portable version of a regular chainsaw. It consists of a chain with cutting teeth, similar to those found on a regular chainsaw, and two handles for manual operation.

Unlike its larger counterpart, a pocket chainsaw doesn’t require fuel or electricity. It’s powered by human strength, making it an eco-friendly option for outdoor enthusiasts.

The concept of a pocket chainsaw isn’t new. It has its roots in the logging industry, where workers needed a portable and efficient tool for cutting wood. Over time, the design has been refined and miniaturized, leading to the pocket chainsaw we know today.

Why Use a Pocket Chainsaw for Backpacking?

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There are several reasons why a pocket chainsaw is a valuable tool for backpacking.

  • Portability: Pocket chainsaws are lightweight and compact. They can easily fit into a backpack without taking up much space or adding unnecessary weight.
  • Versatility: These chainsaws are not just for cutting wood. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as clearing a path, building a shelter, or even in emergency situations.
  • Ease of Use: Unlike regular chainsaws, pocket chainsaws don’t require any technical knowledge or experience to operate. They are simple and intuitive to use, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced backpackers.

When compared to other cutting tools like axes or large saws, pocket chainsaws offer a more convenient and efficient solution. They are easier to handle, faster in operation, and require less physical effort.

How to Choose the Best Pocket Chainsaw for Backpacking

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When it comes to choosing the best pocket chainsaw for backpacking, there are several factors to consider:

  • Blade Length: The length of the blade determines the size of the wood you can cut. Longer blades can handle larger diameters, but they also require more effort to operate.
  • Handle Type: Look for a handle that is comfortable and provides a good grip. Some models come with ergonomic handles that reduce strain on your hands.
  • Weight: Since you’ll be carrying the chainsaw in your backpack, it’s important to consider its weight. Lightweight models are more convenient for backpacking.
  • Durability: The chainsaw should be durable enough to withstand rough outdoor conditions. Look for models with high-quality materials and sturdy construction.

There are several popular brands and models in the market, each with their unique features and specifications. Some notable ones include the Nordic Pocket Saw Pocket Chainsaw, known for its durability and efficiency, and the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw, praised for its compact design and versatility.

How to Use and Maintain a Pocket Chainsaw

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Using a pocket chainsaw is straightforward:

  1. Hold the handles in each hand.
  2. Place the chain around the wood you want to cut.
  3. Move the chainsaw back and forth in a sawing motion.

Maintaining your pocket chainsaw is equally important to ensure its longevity:

  • Clean the chainsaw after each use to remove any debris.
  • Regularly check the chain for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Store the chainsaw in a dry place to prevent rusting.

Wrapping Up

pocket chainsaw is a valuable tool for any backpacking trip. It’s portable, versatile, and easy to use. When choosing a pocket chainsaw, consider factors like blade length, handle type, weight, and durability.

Remember to clean and store your chainsaw properly to keep it in good condition. With the right pocket chainsaw, you can enhance your backpacking experience and be prepared for any situation.

Happy backpacking and pocket sawing!

Steven R.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of a pocket chainsaw?

A pocket chainsaw is a compact and portable tool primarily used for cutting wood. It’s a popular choice among backpackers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts due to its lightweight and easy-to-carry nature. It can be used for various tasks such as clearing a path, gathering firewood, or even in emergency situations.

Are small chainsaws safe?

Yes, small chainsaws, including pocket chainsaws, are generally safe to use as long as you follow the proper safety precautions. This includes wearing protective gear, ensuring the chainsaw is in good condition before use, and using the correct technique. However, like any tool, misuse can lead to accidents. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How do you carry a chainsaw in the woods?

When carrying a chainsaw in the woods, safety should be your top priority. The chainsaw should be carried with the engine stopped, the guide bar and saw chain to the rear, and the muffler away from your body.

For a pocket chainsaw, it’s typically stored in a pouch or case and can be easily packed in your backpack.

What is the price of a pocket chainsaw?

The price of a pocket chainsaw can vary depending on the brand, model, and features. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $50 for a good-quality pocket chainsaw.

Higher-end models with additional features may cost more. It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a pocket chainsaw.

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