What Is the Best Pocket Chainsaw? The Simple Truth!

What Is the Best Pocket Chainsaw? The Simple Truth!

pocket chainsaw is a compact, portable, and handheld cutting tool that is designed for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and survival situations. Unlike traditional chainsaws, pocket chainsaws are lightweight, easy to use, and can be folded into a small size that fits in your pocket, hence the name.

Our Top Pocket Chainsaw Picks

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Importance and Uses of Pocket Chainsaws

Pocket chainsaws are incredibly versatile tools that offer numerous benefits:

  • Portability: Their compact size and lightweight design make them perfect for outdoor activities. You can easily carry them in your backpack or pocket.
  • Versatility: They can be used for a wide range of tasks, from cutting firewood and clearing brush to building shelters and other survival tasks.
  • Ease of Use: Pocket chainsaws are easy to use. You just need to wrap the chain around a branch or log, and then move the handles back and forth.
  • Safety: They are safer than traditional chainsaws because they don’t require fuel, produce no fumes, and have less risk of kickback.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pocket Chainsaw

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When shopping for the best pocket chainsaw, there are several factors you should consider:

  • Chain Length: The length of the chain determines the diameter of the wood you can cut. Longer chains can cut larger logs, but they are also heavier.
  • Material: Look for a chainsaw made of high-quality, durable materials. The chain should be made of hardened steel, and the handles should be comfortable and sturdy.
  • Teeth Design: The design of the teeth can affect the cutting efficiency. Bi-directional teeth can cut in both directions, making the sawing process faster and smoother.
  • Portability: The chainsaw should be compact and lightweight for easy carrying. Some models come with a carrying case for added convenience.
  • Price: Consider your budget. While more expensive models often offer better quality and performance, there are also many affordable pocket chainsaws that are durable and efficient.

Review of Top 3 Pocket Chainsaws

Best Premium Pocket Chainsaw: Nordic Pocket Chainsaw – Premium Edition

The Nordic Pocket Saw Pocket Chainsaw is another top-rated product that stands out for its compact design and high cutting efficiency.

Product Description

The Nordic Pocket Saw features a 25.6-inch long chain with double cutter teeth for fast and efficient cutting. The chain is made of heat-treated high-carbon steel for maximum durability. The chainsaw comes with a leather case for easy storage and transport.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact design for easy carrying
  • Double cutter teeth for fast cutting
  • Durable chain for long-lasting use
  • Nylon case for easy storage and transport


  • The shorter chain might limit the size of logs you can cut
  • Some users reported that the handles could be more comfortable
  • The price is higher than lesser pocket chainsaws

User Reviews

Users loved the Nordic Pocket Saw for its compact design, fast-cutting speed, and durable construction. They found it very handy for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Some users, however, wished the handles were more comfortable.


Best Affordable Pocket Chainsaw: Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw

The Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw is a top-rated product known for its affordable price, durability, and efficiency.

Product Description

The Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw features a 36-inch long chain with bi-directional, self-cleaning teeth that can cut through wood quickly and smoothly. It’s made of high-quality, heat-treated steel for enhanced durability. The chainsaw comes with comfortable, textured handles and a compact carrying case for easy transport.

Pros and Cons


  • Long chain for cutting larger logs
  • Bi-directional teeth for efficient cutting
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable handles for easy operation
  • Compact carrying case for portability


  • Might be heavier than other models due to the longer chain
  • Some users reported difficulty in cutting very hard wood

User Reviews

Most users praised the Roadfare Pocket Chainsaw for its durability, efficiency, and ease of use. They appreciated the long chain, which allowed them to cut larger logs, and the comfortable handles, which made the sawing process easier. Some users, however, reported difficulty in cutting very hard wood.


Best Value Pocket Chainsaw: Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a versatile and robust pocket chainsaw that delivers excellent performance for its price.

Product Description

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw features a 36-inch long chain made of high-carbon steel for durability and efficient cutting. The chainsaw is designed to cut through the hardest of wood easily in tight places and is specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. It comes with rugged cross-stitched handles and a carrying pouch for easy transport. The package also includes an 8mm round fire starter, making it an excellent tool for survival gear, camping, hunting, and emergency situations.

Pros and Cons


  • Long chain for efficient cutting and reaching higher branches
  • High carbon steel chain for durability
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Comes with a fire starter for survival situations
  • Suitable for cutting thicker limbs that shorter saws can’t


  • Some users reported that the chain could get stuck in very hardwood
  • The chain might require frequent sharpening

User Reviews

Users appreciated the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw for its long chain, durability, and efficient cutting. They found it very convenient for outdoor activities and emergency situations. However, some users reported that the chain could get stuck in very hard wood.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Roadfare Pocket ChainsawNordic Pocket Saw Pocket Chainsaw, and Saker Mini Chainsaw are all excellent choices when it comes to pocket chainsaws. They each offer unique features that cater to different needs and preferences.

When choosing the best pocket chainsaw, consider factors such as chain length, material, teeth design, portability, and price.

Remember, the best pocket chainsaw is the one that suits your specific needs and budget.

Well, that’s about it for this post. I hope I helped answer your questions on pocket chainsaws.

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Freguently asked questions about pocket chainsaws.

What is the best pocket chainsaw on the market?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question as the best pocket chainsaw depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, the Roadfare Pocket ChainsawNordic Pocket Saw Pocket Chainsaw, and Saker Mini Chainsaw are all excellent choices.

How do you use a pocket chainsaw?

To use a pocket chainsaw, you wrap the chain around the branch or log you want to cut. Then, you hold the handles and move them back and forth, allowing the teeth of the chain to cut through the wood.

What are the safety measures when using a pocket chainsaw?

Safety measures when using a pocket chainsaw include:

  • Always wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses.
  • Make sure the area around you is clear to avoid accidents.
  • Do not force the chainsaw. If it’s not cutting, it might be dull and need sharpening.
  • Always check the condition of the chainsaw before use. If the chain is damaged, do not use it.
  • Keep the chainsaw clean and well-maintained to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

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