What Chain Does a Stihl MS170 Chainsaw Take?

The chain of a chainsaw will need to be replaced periodically due to it being a wearable part, much like the tires of a car. From time to time, it will need to be replaced. However, not just any chain will work on any chainsaw. A chainsaw’s chain needs to be the right length, pitch, and gauge for it to work correctly with a particular saw.

Most commonly, the Stihl MS170 uses is a 3/8 pitch Picco, .043 gauge, 55 drag link chain. This is the most common size chain for the Stihl MS170 and fits the stock 16″ guide bar. The 16″ guide bar has been shipping with the MS170 for the past several years.

The second most common chain for the Stihl MS170 is a 3/8 pitch Picco, .043 gauge, 50 drag link chain. This chain fits the 14″ guide bar that some older Stihl MS170 chainsaws shipped with several years ago.

You can find the chains at your local dealer or an Oregon equivalent on Amazon thru the following links:

The 16″ MS170 chain can be found HERE ON AMAZON

The 14″ MS170 chain can be found HERE ON AMAZON

How Do I Know What Chain To Buy For My Stihl Chainsaw?

Check the model number of your saw. It’s usually printed on a sticker on the side of the chainsaw, near where the bar attaches. Sometimes it is printed on the opposite side of the starter housing.

If you don’t see the model number there, check the owner’s manual. The model number will give you a clue as to what kind of chain your saw uses.

However, you need to inspect the specifications listed on the side of the guide bar itself to be 100% sure you purchase the correct chain. The specification section on the guide bar will tell you the correct number of drag links (length), pitch, and gauge of the chain.

Will Any Chain Work On A Stihl Chainsaw?

The short answer is no.

Chains for each saw model are specific to the guide bar length, pitch, and gauge of your chainsaw and guide bar. You can’t just put any chain on your Stihl chainsaw.

That being said, you can use aftermarket chains on your Stihl chainsaw as long as the chain’s specifications meet your chainsaw and guide bar’s requirements.

Does Oregon Chain Fit Stihl?

Yes, Oregon Chainsaw Chains will fit your Stihl Chainsaw. However, you must make sure that the specifications of the chain meet your chainsaw and guide bar’s requirements.

What Is The Difference Between 3/8 And a .325 Chainsaw Chain?

3/8-inch (Picco) chain, also referred to as 90 chain, are the most common size used on smaller Chainsaws like the Stihl MS170. They’re generally lighter and easier to handle than larger, more powerful chainsaws and require a lighter chain.

.325 chain, also referred to as 22 chain, is used on mid-sized chainsaws like the Stihl MS250 and MS290. A .325 chain has a different pitch than a 3/8 pitch (Picco) chain and is a little larger. This larger size chain requires a medium-sized chainsaw to power it.

3/8-inch (standard), also referred to as 72 chain, is larger than .325 chain and is used on larger chainsaws like the MS391 and MS461. The larger size of this chain requires more horsepower to operate efficiently.

How Do I Know What Chain To Buy For My Stihl Chainsaw?

To find out what size and type of chain your Stihl Chainsaw uses, consult your chainsaw’s owner’s manual, the Stihl website, or the information stamped on the guide bar. Once you know what size and type of chain your saw uses, you can purchase the correct Stihl chain from your local dealer or an aftermarket Oregon chain for your saw.

What are the benefits of using an Oregon Chainsaw Chain?

Oregon Chainsaw Chains offer many benefits, including longer life, better cutting performance, and increased safety. Oregon Chainsaw Chains are made from high-quality steel and are designed to stay sharp longer and resist wear and tear. They also feature a patented low-kickback design that reduces the risk of kickbacks and injury.

When it comes to cutting performance, Oregon Chainsaw Chains outperform standard Chainsaw Chains. They’re designed to cut through wood quickly and smoothly, with less vibration and kickback.

Finally, Oregon Chainsaw Chains are also safer to use than standard chains. The low-kickback design reduces the risk of kickbacks and injuries, while the sharp-cutting teeth help reduce kickbacks and promote safer, more efficient cutting.

If you’re looking for a Chainsaw Chain that offers all of these benefits and more, Oregon Chainsaw Chains are the way to go. You can find them at your local dealer or online retailer.

Does Gauge Matter On Chainsaw Chain?

Yes, Chainsaw Chain Gauge is an important factor to consider when purchasing a new chain. The gauge of the chain is the thickness of the drive link, which fits into the groove of the guide bar.

The most common Chainsaw Chain gauges are .043, .050″, .058″, and .063″. The .043 and .050″ Chainsaw Chains are the thinnest and lightest Chainsaw Chains available and are best suited for smaller, lighter Chainsaws. The .058″ and .063″ Chainsaw Chains are thicker and heavier and are designed for use with larger, more powerful Chainsaws.

No matter what Chainsaw Chain you choose, make sure it’s the right gauge for your Chainsaw. Using a Chainsaw Chain that’s too thin for your Chainsaw can cause the chain to come off the bar while using a Chainsaw Chain that’s too thick can damage the bar and decrease cutting performance.

Wrapping Up

So, to answer the question, what chain does a Stihl MS170 take?

Most commonly, it takes a 3/8-inch (Picco), .43 gauge chain with either 55 or 50 drag links, depending on guide bar length. However, be sure to check your guide bar and saw’s requirements to make sure you’re getting the right chain for your needs. Chainsaw chains are not all created equal, and getting the wrong one could damage your saw or cause injury.

If you’ve been working with a Stihl MS170 chainsaw, you know just how vital the Stihl 170 chainsaw chain, or to put it another way, the Stihl 170 chainsaw blade, truly is. When it’s time for a MS170 chain replacement, you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s pretty straightforward.

What’s neat about this machine is how seamlessly the bar and chain links work together, making your wood-cutting tasks feel like a walk in the park. Plus, with the added safety of Stihl’s reduced kickback bars, those sudden and potentially harmful jolts are kept at bay.

And let’s not leave out Stihl’s anti-vibration system – it’s a game changer! It makes the chainsaw operation so smooth, reducing the wear and tear on your hands and offering you a more comfortable, not to mention safer, user experience.

All of this is a moot point if you do not buy the correct chain for your MS170, though.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments. We’re always happy to help.

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